Stalking Behaviour

Photographers are always walking a fine line. In my case, I was stalking the stalkers. These pictures were taken at Exposure on October 13 2012, the bi-annual photography and video expo held at the International Centre in Mississauga… where all the stalkers meet twice a year.

– J

Sneak Peek: Clemence and Kevin

Despite the rain and the wind, Clemence and Kevin’s shoot at the Scarborough Bluffs was a success. It was the first day that Nature really tested our limits. We were almost all drenched to the bones and our shoes “ruined”, but don’t regret going to down to the beach. More pictures to come!

Makeup by Amber Andrew

A Little Update On The War We Wage

We are up against Mother Nature one more time… Fall Edition. This time we are fighting morning frost conditions. Tomorrow’s forecast is very promising. Near freezing conditions in the morning and rain in the afternoon.
Hope the forecast holds: we rather deal with the cold than the rain. Fingers crossed.
This really challenges the definition of: Get your photography fix on!