The Capital, Port-Louis

Port-Louis hasn’t changed a bit since the last time we visited. The sights and the smells are still the same. The city still remains over-crowded during the day and becomes a ghost town at night. It is hard to avoid the crowds when strolling around Port-Louis. The amount of traffic in the city is exactly like we remembered. However, it seemed actually easier to get to Port-Louis with the new road infrastructures in place now.

Paradise Cities-13980

Paradise Cities-13994

Paradise Cities-13987

Paradise Cities-13963

Paradise Cities-13996

Paradise Cities-14002

Paradise Cities-14192

Paradise Cities-14200 Paradise Cities-14194

It’s always a pleasure to visit the Bazaar of Port-Louis: the beautiful colours of merchandise on sale, the  smell of all the spices on display and the buzzing sounds of all the bargaining happening. The pictures below have been captured using the newest addition to our family: the Sony Rx 100 II. We have been pleased with the stills this camera produces and even more with the video quality. However, the most pleasing feature when you are travelling how portable it is; hauling around a full-frame DSLR can be very taxing. I had a first hand experience when travelling through Paris, Lisbon and Barcelona recently.

Paradise Cities-00777 Paradise Cities-00784 Paradise Cities-00782 Paradise Cities-00781 Paradise Cities-00780 Paradise Cities-00768

Luca’s First Birthday

The heavy downpour last Saturday did not stop the party from going on. We had tons of fun with all the kids who have grown so much since the last time we saw them. And as always A+ to Rosemary for the amazing details and decorations.

Happy Birthday to little Luca who is turning one today.

Laura and William’s Engagement

Last summer, William had contacted us to inquire about a special portrait session for himself and Laura. He had a proposal and ring in the works and he wanted to have their special moment photographed.

Together we planned a portrait session for Laura and himself, and kept the proposal a surprise until they were both camera ready.

Here are some of our favourite shots of their engagement from the fall!


Laura and William Engagment-20067Laura and William Engagment-20078Laura and William Engagment-20086Laura and William Engagment-20132Laura and William Engagment-20142Laura and William Engagment-20371Laura and William Engagment-20452Laura and William Engagment-21086Laura and William Engagment-21477