Yolanda & Nicholas Pre-Wedding Sneak Peek

We were very excited to spend the day with our dearest friends Yolanda and Nick. Here is a sneak peek to their pre-wedding shoot.

On a side note, we recently went back to the roots, shoot film. We got our hands on a Pentax K1000 and a Leica R3. We are looking forward to get those rolls developed!

A & J

Yolanda & Nick-12027

Yolanda & Nick-12412

Yolanda & Nick-12367

Yolanda & Nick-12790

Yolanda & Nick-12710

Sneak Peek: Clemence and Kevin

Despite the rain and the wind, Clemence and Kevin’s shoot at the Scarborough Bluffs was a success. It was the first day that Nature really tested our limits. We were almost all drenched to the bones and our shoes “ruined”, but don’t regret going to down to the beach. More pictures to come!

Makeup by Amber Andrew

Joan & Bryan’s Wedding

Although we weren’t able to head to Habourfront like we had originally planned, we are really pleased with yesterday’s shoot with Joan and Bryan! We had regularly been checking the weather predictions and since it was predicting rain, we had a back up plan up our sleeves. 🙂

We started off at their condo and took some pictures at the rooftop, which had the nicest view! We then headed over to the model condo of their building.

After the ceremony we had hoped to get a few shots outdoors since the rain and the clouds had cleared up. We were under the impression that there wouldn’t be more rain but to our dismay it started pouring! However we still had a lot of fun shooting! Joan and Bryan weren’t afraid to get wet and since upgrading gear, we weren’t afraid to get the camera a little wet.

Finally as we made our way to the big family dinner, the sun came out…just in time for us to catch a few more shots before heading into the restaurant.

Danielle & Jose’s Engagement at High Park

We couldn’t be happier to have been able to do an engagement sessions for Danielle and Jose and we loved how the pictures turned out!

Our day started at their place, during which Danielle got her makeup done. Jose’s sister, who is also Danielle’s maid of honour, helped out by cleaning around and ironing the outfits (Julien, you seem to be doing a great job as the maid of honour! 🙂 ).

Jose later joined us and prepped some food, and as soon as everyone was ready we headed to High Park.


The weather was great that day! In fact it was so sunny we were able to continue to shoot well after 7pm.

The highlight of the day, must have been this sofa (a gem really!) that we found in the trash. As we were passing by, we found this sofa in the trash. Amazingly, it seemed to still be in great condition, with little to no dirt on it. We moved the sofa the ‘woodsy’ area and these are the pictures we got. 🙂

-A & J