Our Holidays in Mauritius

The past few weeks have been really hectic and it all started by trying to escape those nasty ice storms that left the thousands in Toronto stranded and braving the cold. Thankfully the storm was over the day of our departure and we made it out of the city without any delay. On our way to Pearson International Airport, we saw the damage those ice storms did to the city. In retrospect, we were glad that we were not in Toronto for the aftermath of those storms and the nasty Р40 degree Celsius days that hit the GTA. So, we headed for Paris on our way back to our homeland, Mauritius.

In the upcoming posts, we will try to give a pictorial account of our adventure back home. Here is a little preview of what we dearly miss now that we are back in Great White North.

Mauritian Landscapes-13482


Spring Run

April marks the time when those stubborn trouts make their way up the Humber River to complete the circle of life. This past weekend we were at Etienne Brule Park, like may other city-dwellers, to see this test of perseverance from the trouts for their perilous journey… and from my fellow fishermen and I who tried trout fishing in vain. Also, the close-up pic of the one jumping… compliments of my dad’s 500 mm f/8 Cambron lens. No IS, nor AF, very flimsy, but gets the job done.

– A & J

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