Laura and William’s Engagement

Last summer, William had contacted us to inquire about a special portrait session for himself and Laura. He had a proposal and ring in the works and he wanted to have their special moment photographed.

Together we planned a portrait session for Laura and himself, and kept the proposal a surprise until they were both camera ready.

Here are some of our favourite shots of their engagement from the fall!


Laura and William Engagment-20067Laura and William Engagment-20078Laura and William Engagment-20086Laura and William Engagment-20132Laura and William Engagment-20142Laura and William Engagment-20371Laura and William Engagment-20452Laura and William Engagment-21086Laura and William Engagment-21477

A Sneak peek of Samantha and James’ wedding

Here are a few pictures of Samantha and James’ beautiful wedding, that took place yesterday the Liberty Grand. Our warmest congratulations to the lovely couple!

-A & J

Sam&James_sneakpeek-23374Sam&James_sneakpeek-11514Sam&James_sneakpeek-11611 Sam&James_sneakpeek-11722 Sam&James_sneakpeek-11750Sam&James_SneakPeek-11795Sam&James_SneakPeek-11799Sam&James_sneakpeek-12122Sam&James_sneakpeek-11875Sam&James_sneakpeek-12137 Sam&James_sneakpeek-12047 Sam&James_sneakpeek-12079Sam&James_sneakpeek-12352Sam&James_sneakpeek-24888