Familiar Faces in Park

Last December we ventured into baby and family portraiture and loved the experience. As such, we were delighted to be given the chance to work with one our first family clients again, last weekend. We were shocked when we saw the youngest member of the family! Last we saw him, he was just a few days old…and he’s since gotten so big!

Here are some of the photos we got. 🙂

– A

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Capturing Candid Family Time

It’s been a quite some time since our last post! We have been extremely busy with school. It’s been crazy weeks of focusing on studying and prepping for oral exams or practical exams. Nevertheless, we were able to squeeze in 2 lovely family shoots last weekend.

For our first shoot, we had the pleasure of working with this super active and lively family! Here are a few pictures we captured around their home. 🙂

– A


Styled Bridal and Editorial Shoot

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, but it’s because we’ve been extremely busy with school!

A few weeks ago, however, we’ve been able to squeeze in a styled bridal and editorial shoot with our friend Vanessa and our friend makeup artist Amber.

Here are a few pictures of the shoot! We loved how the makeup, hair, outfit and location all came together nicely.



Portraits in Natural Light

Recently, we’ve been editing pictures we have taken of our friend Jen, for her professional online profiles. The pictures were taken in her home.

We set up a solid coloured background and with regard to lighting, all we used was natural light (from a nearby window) and reflectors. In some of the pictures, we also ended up using a big window as a background.

Here are some of the pictures we have so far!

Lastly, we also wanted to mention that Jen is a special events planner. If you’re ever in need of special events planning services, here is a link to her LinkedIn profile:


– A