Spring Run

April marks the time when those stubborn trouts make their way up the Humber River to complete the circle of life. This past weekend we were at Etienne Brule Park, like may other city-dwellers, to see this test of perseverance from the trouts for their perilous journey… and from my fellow fishermen and I who tried trout fishing in vain. Also, the close-up pic of the one jumping… compliments of my dad’s 500 mm f/8 Cambron lens. No IS, nor AF, very flimsy, but gets the job done.

– A & J

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The Moon

My dad got a hold of a 500mm f8 Cambron lens. We were able to mount it on the EOS bodies using an adaptor. When mounted on a Rebel T1i, we were able to capture the Moon. The image is a bit soft maybe due to the adaptor or lack of IS. There are a few more FD lenses my dad got off ebay that I can’t wait to try.

– J

The Moon-6951