Styled Bridal and Editorial Shoot

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, but it’s because we’ve been extremely busy with school!

A few weeks ago, however, we’ve been able to squeeze in a styled bridal and editorial shoot with our friend Vanessa and our friend makeup artist Amber.

Here are a few pictures of the shoot! We loved how the makeup, hair, outfit and location all came together nicely.



A Happy Little One

“Children and babies are amazing subjects: They are full of innocence and vulnerability; they are pure and unguarded in their expression; and they possess an innate joy and exuberance that illuminates any images, often just by smiling or being themselves.”

– Elizabeth Messina,┬áThe Luminous Portrait


Scouting in The Rain and Hail

Yesterday, we scouted around downtown Toronto, in order for us to have a planned location route for the wedding we are shooting this coming Sunday. Through the rain and hail, we’ve found some nice places and we are really excited for the wedding!

After consulting the weather forecast prediction, it seems like it should be sunny and warm (and not raining/hailing) on the wedding day. Let’s hope that’s the case!

We also wanted to share our new logo with you all! It took multiple meetings, but in the end we ended up with something we really love. Thanks so much Matthew Ng!


Finally, here are some pictures we took of each other during our scouting adventure.



Portraits in Natural Light

Recently, we’ve been editing pictures we have taken of our friend Jen, for her professional online profiles. The pictures were taken in her home.

We set up a solid coloured background and with regard to lighting, all we used was natural light (from a nearby window) and reflectors. In some of the pictures, we also ended up using a big window as a background.

Here are some of the pictures we have so far!

Lastly, we also wanted to mention that Jen is a special events planner. If you’re ever in need of special events planning services, here is a link to her LinkedIn profile:

– A





Sneak Peek: Clemence and Kevin

Despite the rain and the wind, Clemence and Kevin’s shoot at the Scarborough Bluffs was a success. It was the first day that Nature really tested our limits. We were almost all drenched to the bones and our shoes “ruined”, but don’t regret going to down to the beach. More pictures to come!

Makeup by Amber Andrew

A Little Update On The War We Wage

We are up against Mother Nature one more time… Fall Edition. This time we are fighting morning frost conditions. Tomorrow’s forecast is very promising. Near freezing conditions in the morning and rain in the afternoon.
Hope the forecast holds: we rather deal with the cold than the rain. Fingers crossed.
This really challenges the definition of: Get your photography fix on!