Giancarlo’s First Birthday

Last weekend we were also invited to take pictures at Giancarlo’s first birthday. Family and Friends celebrated with Giancarlo at Downey’s Farm in Caledon!

Giancarlo_sneakpeek-22268 Giancarlo_sneakpeek-10378Giancarlo_sneakpeek-10582Giancarlo_sneakpeek-22528 Giancarlo_sneakpeek-10693 Giancarlo_sneakpeek-10686Giancarlo_sneakpeek-22318Giancarlo_sneakpeek-22324 Giancarlo_sneakpeek-10411Giancarlo_sneakpeek-22383Giancarlo_sneakpeek-22421Giancarlo_sneakpeek-22439Giancarlo_sneakpeek-22566Giancarlo_sneakpeek-22499Giancarlo_sneakpeek-22748

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