Bumpy Road to Savinia

We took the old bumpy back roads, weaving our way through the sugar cane fields and avoiding mud traps, to finally reach the hidden gems of the south. Our first stop was the “newest” attraction: Le Pont Naturel (The Natural Bridge). The rough waters carved their way through the land, leaving that rocky bridge behind. It’s only a matter of time until that landscape changes against the unyielding force of the sea.




The southern shores of Mauritius are the complete opposite from the rest of the island. The seas are always rough, hardly any white sandy beaches, but the scenery is nothing but majestic. 

Our second stop was at Savinia; a beach house in the middle of nowhere. It was one of our regular family getaways. The place has not changed a bit in 10 years.



While experimenting with an Neutral Density filter on the slippery rocks, I learned the hard way how much I value my equipment. The photographer’s reflex when falling is to extend the arm carrying his precious gear as high as he possibly can, disregarding how twisted and mangled the rest of his body is.




On our last stop, which was at Le Souffleur, a natural blow hole carved through the rocks. There, I continued to experiment with the ND filter, perfect accessory to capture those violent waves.



I had photography fix on that day, especially while hanging out with my uncle, Clyde Koa Wing, another photohead, who gave me plenty of tips on capturing this very unique landscape. My only regret is not going star chasing with him while in Mauritius; maybe next time.

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