Joan & Bryan’s Wedding

Although we weren’t able to head to Habourfront like we had originally planned, we are really pleased with yesterday’s shoot with Joan and Bryan! We had regularly been checking the weather predictions and since it was predicting rain, we had a back up plan up our sleeves. 🙂

We started off at their condo and took some pictures at the rooftop, which had the nicest view! We then headed over to the model condo of their building.

After the ceremony we had hoped to get a few shots outdoors since the rain and the clouds had cleared up. We were under the impression that there wouldn’t be more rain but to our dismay it started pouring! However we still had a lot of fun shooting! Joan and Bryan weren’t afraid to get wet and since upgrading gear, we weren’t afraid to get the camera a little wet.

Finally as we made our way to the big family dinner, the sun came out…just in time for us to catch a few more shots before heading into the restaurant.

5 thoughts on “Joan & Bryan’s Wedding

  1. Hi Joan & Brian

    1st of all, our warmest congrats.
    Very nice pics.
    Wishing you full of joy, peace and blessings in your new common life.

    Aunty Chantal, Uncle Fone & Yvelynn

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