Danielle & Jose’s Engagement at High Park

We couldn’t be happier to have been able to do an engagement sessions for Danielle and Jose and we loved how the pictures turned out!

Our day started at their place, during which Danielle got her makeup done. Jose’s sister, who is also Danielle’s maid of honour, helped out by cleaning around and ironing the outfits (Julien, you seem to be doing a great job as the maid of honour! 🙂 ).

Jose later joined us and prepped some food, and as soon as everyone was ready we headed to High Park.


The weather was great that day! In fact it was so sunny we were able to continue to shoot well after 7pm.

The highlight of the day, must have been this sofa (a gem really!) that we found in the trash. As we were passing by, we found this sofa in the trash. Amazingly, it seemed to still be in great condition, with little to no dirt on it. We moved the sofa the ‘woodsy’ area and these are the pictures we got. 🙂

-A & J

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