Fighting the Elements

We had set out planning to do a wedding shoot outdoors on Tuesday Aug 14 but as we got closer to that date, the weather forecast did not seem promising, with rain most of that day. The day before the shoot, we made an executive decision to do the shoot a day earlier instead. We had to drive around the city to put things together, to hopefully make it at our wonderful models’ place by 5pm. The to-do-list for that day was: bouquet, candles, blanket and rings. With that out of the way, we just hoped that the wedding dress would fit our model. Let’s just say that there is nothing that a couple of bras can’t fix.

While the “bride to be” was having her hair and makeup done, the skies started getting more overcast and it got darker fast. Oh yeah, and it also started drizzling. We were worried that our attempt at damage control would turn out as a big fail. But we still went along with the plan: sneaking into Guildwood Park first and heading to GO Train underpass at Rouge River Park.

We had very limited time at Guildwood Park, about a hour and a half until complete darkness. We somehow made it work: our flash guns came in very handy but still not enough time for the whole 9 yards: lightstands and umbrellas. The setup at the underpass was much as expected except for one hiccup: wind. Candlelit underpass = mission impossible. However, the harsh light from the flash nicely complemented the graffiti on the walls.

All in all, prepare for worst case scenario and bring mosquito repellent! By the way, it was sunny the whole day after the shoot… Curse you meteorology!

Models: Kassia Young & Bryan Wong

Makeup & Hair: Amber Andrew

– A & J

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